Wednesday, 6 January 2010

2010 A New Year......

Well 2010 is here and CarLisaCrafts begins by starting its very own Blog..

It's snowing outside with a nip in the air but I have much work to do already.

Brand New items all coming very soon include some lovely cards as seen in the picture above. These will be available in a multitude of colours and styles and all with any dress and hair colour you would like. I can also add names of your choice too if you like.

The inside can be left blank for you own wording or you could choose from and add verses written by myself. Below are 2 examples of 1st and 2nds Birthdays, the wording can be changed to Angelversary if that would be more appropriate.

You’re a special little angel,
It’s your birthday today,
you’re loved far more than any words
can ever really say.
You’re playing with your birthday toys,
On clouds way up above,
they’ve come from mummy and daddy
with lots and lots of love.
We’re sending lots of birthday wishes
Now this day has come,
It’s that very very special day
that you are turning one.
Copyright CRidings 2009

You’re a special little angel
you’re turning two today,
you’re loved far more than any words
can ever really say.
On puffy white clouds you’ll
plays with your friends
With the wonderful presents
mummy and daddy have sent.
We’re sending you lots of love
and special wishes too
on this the special day that
you are turning two .
Copyright CRidings 2009

Verses up to aged 5 will be available in the coming weeks for use inside both these cards and on the Grave Cards which have already been well received.

Also launched NEW for 2010 are the grave card supports. Currently 1 version of these is available in the form of a butterfly. They are 2 stakes which go into the ground with a butterfly on the top which clips over the card holding it in place. They have been varnished as well so that they retain their colour.

Thats all for now.. Thank you for reading. I will update you all again very soon xx

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